Do’s and Don’ts when you meet Escort girl

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If you are going to hire an escort girl for the first time you may be thinking about some do’s and don’ts when you meet the girl. Many people are afraid to meet a girl as they are completely naive of the reality that they have to get ready properly before meeting any female escort because it is not a normal thing at all.

Incall meeting with escort

Just keep one thing in your mind that having an incall meeting with the escort girl is a risky decision and you should be very careful about it. This is due to the negligence common in our society. When you reach to the incall destination you should always glance through carefully and if you see any guest moving around the location robustly watching you in a disgusting way then you are suggested to walk out quickly from there.

if you go to the hotel and some people attempt to show that they are from the house-keeping then also you need to be careful as commonly in all hotels the professional house-keeping guys cleans the hotel room in morning time and not just any time of the day. Another thing to remember when you are going for incall date always leave your important stuff like your wrist watch, chain, wallet or anything in your house or in your car because it is not just safe to bring these things to an incall meeting. However, you can take some cash and mobile phone with you. It would be good to carry a cheap phone rather than expensive one to make sure the security of your valuable devices.

Outcall meeting with escort

At present, an outcall date with the escort girl has become very common because guys love to meet girls at the ease of their hotel room or house. Be informed that not all five star hotels are girl friendly. Only some of them will permit you to take a girl with you. So it would be better to find out the list of girl friendly hotels in Mumbai where you can easily take your escort girl. Besides, it is vital to understand how to behave with a female escort when you are taking her with you.

First of all, you must always offer them the cash decided at the time of booking as this makes them feel relaxed and makes and impression that you’re an authentic man who like to meet female escort. Next, you shouldn’t directly begin asking for unwarranted favour because some Independent Escorts in Mumbai might be new and extremely introverted and they require some extra time to get relaxed with you. At the time of taking the escort services your motive should always be positive and you have to intend at spending good time with the girl instead
of wondering about some prohibited activities. It is her choices whether or not she get comfy with you and offer you some favour back however it is not compulsory that all female escorts will perform or act the same.

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