How To Make Your First Escort Trip Successful

If you’ve never Triped before with an escort, the idea can be anxiety-inducing. How do you know where to go? What to charge? How long to stay? Whether you should take deposits? How can you make sure you make a profit? What if no one books? What if you lose money?

Today I want to give you some tips to make your first Trip run more smoothly. But before we start, I want to remind you that there is no way to guarantee you’ll have a successful Trip.

Any Triping veteran (or industry veteran in general) will tell you that sometimes things just go wrong. You’ll book a crappy hotel or your ad will get posted in the wrong city or every client will cancel with the flu or you’ll get the worst bout of thrush you’ve ever had or your relationship will break down while you’re halfway across the country.

Things are going to happen, and you’re going to have to accept that running a business sometimes means taking risks. And you can’t always guarantee that you’re going to make bank.